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Biography of Bachir Jean EL HAGE

Children and Youth - School Studies

My name is Bachir Jean El Hage, born in January 15, 1983 at Byblos in Lebanon from a Christian Lebanese family. The country Political and the family situation was not very stable at that time so I was forced to change more than 4 schools, through the Marist brothers at Byblos, then to the Our Lady of Lebanon at Ajaltoun then to the mountain at Saint Joseph Dhour Chweir, before settling at SSCC (School of the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts Batroun) where I obtained my Lebanese Scientific Bachelor.

I really loved school, especially when it came to mathematics and physics. I was good in Biology but it was not tell me much and let me leave you a secret: I hated chemistry although the teacher was adorable and very professional. At that time, especially in Lebanon, I did not know computers, I really did not notice its existence.

NB: During the years of my childhood till my adulthood I learned masonry and many DIY jobs helping my father, mason, in the realization of his projects.

The adulthood & France - University Studies

In 2002 I got my degree in Batroun and I decided to go away, to France, to the university there knowing that the economic situation of my father was not sufficient to finance my studies over the studying years. It's time to tell you that I am issued from a poor family, a situation in which it was difficult to escape.

But I was always saying "Go Bachir you can do it, you can make a change of your fate" that is why I took the adventure with nothing in my pocket.

Arrived to France I was able to take trains (lol things I never seen before), manage things, find house, register to university and start my year. At the beginning all was good and I got great grades finishing first in mathematics for the first and th second semesters while I was still discovering computers and algorithms.

Then my economic situation started to become unmanageable with a total absence of financial aid or scholarship. I had to begin working to pay housing, bills and school credits and then very quickly I found myself compelled to go to work in La Clusaz over 200 km from Grenoble which make studies increasingly difficult. I was not able to attend classes and I was not even able to have time to attend to exams... But I succeded my 3rd year and got my Bachelor diploma with a rating not very good for me because I could get much better if only I had the chance to be funded for my studies ...

This was the beginning of the algorithm in my head, as I worked day and night to dive into restaurants and Aravis - La Clusaz that I learned to work on websites and programming. I took with me five big books of the university's library to consult them on my pretty free time, in my bed. Then I started to love the development and got a first website rather Basic on which unfortunately is still online! I have to remove it soon to not belittle me ;)

Accepted in Masters I registered in Mathematics at the Joseph Fourier University of Grenoble and I chose Cryptography as an optional subject from INPG (Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble) to prepare a professional masters of cryptography. So obsessed with programming and websites I have requested a private meeting with the director of the University allowing me to spend an internship as part of my journey at TEEXMA (Fontaine) for the development of CMS in PHP for Joomla. It was difficult to get the permission because the subject of the course has no connection with my degree, but I could demonstrate sufficient motivation to convince the director himself.

It was the beginning of my computers career, I had to work on two large websites belonging to TEEXMA but I was not paid and my situation was still getting worse and bailiffs began to tap my door to ask me bills Orange mobile calls. For the unbearable situation I had to leave France after getting a teacher job offer in Lebanon for a High School (Mathematics, secondary section).

NB: During the years I lived in France I had to do a bunch of trades: the dips Savoie, inventories of supermarkets in Grenoble, going through security in the Rhone Alps (security officer Sephora) and won't forget to mention the number of "June" passed into the United Nations Organization in Geneva as a technical operator for the international conferences of the United Nations.

Back to Lebanon - Professional Life

Teacher - Mathematics & Computer

After my arrival to Lebanon I worked in three schools (School & High School) among the most recognized in the country (the Apostles, Marist Brothers & SSCC). I loved teaching, I loved my students and I think it was mutual. Besides, I am still in contact with them. During the years of teaching I built this site, the first of its kind in what is called e-learning. I included then this idea in the Lebanese educational system and I was called several times to train teachers on new teaching methods using computers.

And even during that time I never stopped developing and programming, I got a bunch of website and softwares for some recognized companies in the country. I used to work, during that time, as a freelancer while I was a mathematics teacher.

Then I left teaching for several specific reasons and I gave my time entirely for the web and mobile development.

Developer and Programmer - Website & Mobile Application for Android + iOS

Finally, to stop the freelance, I decided to try a miracle with a web development company hiring engineers with the specialty, knowing that I do not have this engineer diploma "paper". I just asked the manager to try me for two weeks and to fire me without pay if I do not attend with his expectations. Starting from a single employee I finally became the engeneers team responsible, project manager, recruiter and trainer of trainees before starting to go on the market negotiate projects and convince large companies: banks, computer companies,...

I began to accumulate various experiences and to be better specialized in different sections of the work and materials: Photoshop, HTML 4 & 5, CSS, CMS, PHP 4 & 5 (OOP included), Javascript, Prototype, JQuery, Ajax, XML, MySQL, SEO, Web 2.0, and then initially through PhoneGap before beginning what scared me some weeks before "Objective-C/Cocoa iOS, Java", and today I master well the mobile applications development.

For over three years I've been working on mobile applications, starting with simple examples Framework on PhoneGap, then based on developing hard-coded in Java for Android and Objective-C for iPhone.

I also created personal accounts on Google and Apple and published free & paid private applications.

The most important is called "Meet Lebanese Dating", this is an application of social networking and dating related to an online database and the website, allowing users to chat together between mobile devices through the mobile application or from PC via the website or between mobile and PC.

You can find my name on the Internet on Apple and Google Play. You can also check this link to read details more about my "Portfolio" .

Review and Conclusion

I learned programming, I worked in several large development companies ranging from small programmer and becoming eventually director of web and mobile development.

And I am still learning and no one can pretend to be on the perfection of "knowing", I know that I'm not on the perfection in any case, but I can claim to be: a motivated, crazy computer, former Professor of Mathematics and I became old programmer 30 years ... I'm still learning new things, every project I do I learn more and new things, and I will certainly learn something new tomorrow. I hope to be alive tomorrow to not miss the interesting things that I will learn to do and I was still unable to achieve even yesterday.

Diploma is very important to have, I did not personally have the opportunity to achieve my academic goal, I could not pay the rest of my studies, but this is not why I dropped my goal, I taught myself, I am trained and I am now an engineer with experience ready to challenge the most experienced in the field.

Many people work in order to live, to pay the daily feed of their families, many of them wake up in the morning and go to work because that is "the right way" or "the way we should do". Personally I do not go to work "because I have to" but I go to work because "I like my job" iot's my "hobby". When we love what we do we can not call it "work" but "hobby"!

Personally I get paid to have fun!