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Welcome to the Math e-learning website

Bacho's Design is the FIRST WEBSITE dedicated website to learning mathematics (E-learning) in Lebanon, France and the world. We aim high and we are revolutionizing learning methods.
Come join us in the world of maths, we will work together. Here you can find the largest Math encyclopedia ever and we are still working on it! and EVERYTHING IS FOR FREE so enjoy!

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What is a mathematician?

A mathematician is someone able to do a theory with a cup of tea

Bacho's Design is a mathematics (and computer) educational website , it is developed enriched regularly.
Bacho's Design mainly offers Mathematics exercises, very interesting puzzles and fun at the same time. You learns and trains while playing and stop saying that Mathematics is a boring heavy stuff! We are here to help you.
Bacho's Design is an independent company of cryptographic algorithm development.

Watch this incredible optical illusion, what do you think? Yes geometry in space is a crazy thing! Would you go crazy? check this page

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Professional and personalized websites with lot of services concerning the client and his clients:
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  • Math levels:
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  • Computer Algorithms and Programming
    • Algorithms
    • C, C++, Java, Objective-C
    • PHP, JavaScript, jQuery
  • In this site you can find A huge number of Math lessons, cryptographic algorithms and computational methods.

    Educational games developed using C, C ++, flash or JavaScript, several examples are provided with all the necessary explanations.

    Several documents and guidance for the Html, PHP, MySQL development are available. Even beginners will be able to make their own website.

    And so many other things that I let you discover.

    For any question, feeback or comment If you have questions on any topic, please write to me on this form. I will answer you as soon as possible.

    Your comments and criticisms also are important to me, I am not perfect and can make mistakes otherwise I could be cold "GOD". For any comments write me on thislink.

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