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Par: Nagham - Source: - vu :3736 fois   - Déposé le: 2011-11-10 21:00:23

“Thanks”…you say thanks

But you can’t see !

It’s not the way of thanking me


You go to the market

And buy your needs

You say thanks…

Pay and leave

You go to the dentist

To fix your teeth

You’ll say thanks…

Pay and leave


For the first time you met them

And it’s the last time maybe!!

Little thanks are enough to them…

But you can’t see!!

It’s not the way of thanking “me”.


When you ask for job in any field

Your CV is all what they need

But say “thanks” and be sweet

Good impression you’ll leave!!


You go to the restaurant

To take a meal

Tips and thanks all what needs

And the waitress will be sweet

So you’ll get any services you need !!


“Thanks”…you say thanks

But you can’t see !

It’s not the way of thanking me.


With you I have always been

Beside you when you was weak

Helped you to forget your fear

Waked you from darkness dreams…

But you !! What you did to me !


Oh !!! .. I remember

“Thanks”…you said thanks !

But you can’t see !!

Being like “me” to me

Is the only way to thank me !




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bashir we were sad coz u left the work, really t3awadna 3laik
13/11/2011 20:12:04  Commenter (En construction..)

"thanks" rim :D ,yes i wrote it :)
13/11/2011 20:10:05  Commenter (En construction..)

it is really very sensitive and beautiful i like it ! is it you who invent this?
13/11/2011 11:02:15  Commenter (En construction..)

ok monsieur
13/11/2011 10:52:09  Commenter (En construction..)

Rim Nagham don't understand French!! You have to tell her what you wanted to say in english!
12/11/2011 18:47:08  Commenter (En construction..)

c'est toi qui les fait ?
12/11/2011 11:23:56  Commenter (En construction..)

c'est vraiment tres sensible et beau bravo !! c'est tp
12/11/2011 11:23:37  Commenter (En construction..)

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